The Political Leadership Academy offers a formal and non-formal training program, for individuals with various backgrounds that also possess relevant leadership skills. The first to attain and manifest this type of culture are the politicians and those aspiring to enter political service. Our project will therefore include both those who want to improve or acquire new knowledge in the field of political leadership and those who wish to embark on a political career. The modules, courses, and programs that will be offered are complementary to existing academic study programs. Many will be unique in their format due to the quality, expertise, and experience of the trainers who are outstanding personalities that possess vast experience in international politics, academia and both public and private sectors.

A message from the President

The current global crisis of political leadership is obvious. We live in a knowledge-based society and economy and this fact should also be reflected in the requirements we have regarding the competencies of the policymakers and those who counsel them. This leadership vacuum will fail to provide long, medium, and short-term policy strategies at all levels including local, state, federal, or even regional. As such, I strongly believe that we need a new generation of political leaders who, with the right education based on the foundations of good governance, would be able to develop a nation to its full potential.

Political Leadership Academy has as its motto: Excellence, Integrity and Political Responsibility – a goal that will be pursued in the formation, initiation, and training of a new generation of leaders.

We seek to provide those who will participate in the various programs the opportunity to pursue their aspirations in politics, public administration, civic leadership, etc., and to have a real and positive impact in the consolidation of democracy,  the rule of law, and social well-being.

I hope that this project will remain a point of reference in terms of the perspective gained on the public sphere, politics, and leadership, for many generations to come.

For the future

The young generation that assumes the mantle of leadership needs inspiration, but especially a solid education, in order to continue the development of a Romania fully integrated into Europe.

On a global level

The ultimate goal is a consolidated democracy, with a strong economy and all the opportunities necessary for its people to reach their potential, apply their talents and skills, and doing so in their own home country.

Going forward

The totalitarian regime in Romania was one of the most brutal and at the same time difficult to overthrow. On its road to freedom, the bloody Revolution of 1989 began in Timișoara, a city that today has become a symbol of freedom and democracy.